“Our society would benefit from a more enlightened attitude towards our sexual bodies and artists have a critical voice in that conversation. Viva la Vulvalution!”


Jamie McCartney is a multi award-winning, professional artist based in the UK, working largely in sculpture and experimental photography. His main interests are the human body and the human condition. Often socio-political, frequently sexual his artworks are never dull. A bachelor degree in Experimental Art from Hartford Art School in the USA wasn’t the immediate road to riches he expected, yet for some reason it still informs much of his practice, which leans towards narrative, provocation and absurdity. He embraces new media and actively collaborates with other artists, scientists and the public. Jamie appears frequently in the world’s media discussing his work, censorship and the power of art as a tool for social change.

To fund his experimental art habit and grand schemes such as The Great Wall of Vagina, Jamie runs a successful, commercial sculpture studio called Brighton Body Casting. Specialising in taking moulds from the body to turn into sculptures, the studio produces commissioned artworks for other artists and the public in a huge range of materials including plaster, fibreglass, glass, bronze and other metals. Many of these processes Jamie learnt during his many years as a prop and model maker and special effects technician in the film industry, working on such films as Casino Royale and V for Vendetta. Prior to that Jamie ran a metal forge, making animal sculptures in steel but it was, “too hot and sweaty, I was constantly burning myself and I stank. So I ran away to join the film biz.”

Born in London’s swinging sixties to an artist mother and engineer father, making things for a living was always on the cards. “I spent my young life in museums and galleries. “When I first saw Dali’s Lobster Telephone I was transfixed. I knew this art making malarkey was what I wanted to do if I grew up.” After crewing a peace boat in the Atlantic as a teenager, learning the ropes of direct action, Jamie’s socio-political whistle was also whetted. Soon after that experience, Hartford taught him to combine that passion with his art. He hasn’t looked back.